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G.E.T Itinerary beta. - Brian Truitt
G.E.T Itinerary beta.

So, thinking about the Grand Enchantment Trail some more, I think I have a slightly more viable plan. Before, I was planning on hiking segments 28-31. Now I'm thinking 28, 29, and parts of 30. Mostly because this goes through the San Mateo Mts, which I've never been to. I'd like to see something new.

Anyhow, here's the plan based solely on the water chart. Note that the numbers in () are estimated miles hiked that day and "MP" means Mile Point (total mileage from start).

    * Day 1 (5.8)
          o Carrying Day 1's water
          o Hike roughly 5.8 miles to end of creek and make camp
    * Day 2 (6.2)
          o Fill up Day 2's water @ creek
          o 2.8 mi later (MP 8.6) refill Day 2's water and load up with Day
            3's water @ trough
          o Try to go another 4 miles or so and get to MP 12-ish and make camp
                + The longer we make it the better the next section may be.
    * Day 3 (5+)
          o Make it at least as far as the spring fed trough.  This is ~5 mi hike.
          o Fill up with 2 days water again (For days 4 & 5).
                + Continue hiking if we can (may need slightly more than 2  
                  days water: have to carry 2 days PLUS the rest of Day 3's water!)
    * Day 4 & 5 (7.3/day, 14.6)
          o Have to finish Segment 29 during this time.
          o No water until 14.6 mi. after the previous trough
          o Means if we stop at trough, we need to cover 7.3 mi/day
                + If we make it past the trough, we won't have to hike as
                  far these 2 days.
                + Also, depending on elevation profile it may be easier to
                  hike 7.3 mi during this section than the last section!
          o At the end of Day 5, fill up in Potato Canyon & camp
    * Day 6 (5 - 10)
          o Take 2 day's water out of Potato Canyon (for Day 6 and 7 hiking)
          o Hike out into the desert going toward road 107
          o Probably take it easy and make camp in the desert
                + Could probably get picked up this night if we hurried. May
                  be around 10mi of hiking though.
    * Day 7 (0 - 5)
          o Finish hike to road and get picked up.

Now, the big hole in this plan is I have no idea where along the trail we could actually make a decent camping spot. With any luck I'll be camping in a hammock, but for the rest of the people that may be coming, we still need to find flat ground. I'll also have to study the elevation profile in detail at some point to see what days we are likely to be able to hike longer and which days are going to slay us.

Eh, it's a start of a plan.

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jmattax From: jmattax Date: October 9th, 2008 08:46 pm (UTC) (Link)


Any chance you can add some lime breaks to the long lines in your pre tags, this is currently forced to be significantly wider than my screen.
icashizzle From: icashizzle Date: October 9th, 2008 11:03 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Linebreaks

done and done. I had it html-ized in a google doc, but then when I copied/pasted out, it converted to plain ascii instead of keeping html. Boo hiss.

So I was too lazy to html it up again.
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