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G.E.T. Troubles... - Brian Truitt
G.E.T. Troubles...
Well, unless something drastic happens in the next couple weeks, it seem entirely unlikely that the G.E.T. guide book will be completed up to the sections we're considering in time for us to use it.

What's really missing is the blow by blow, mile by mile summary. I *think* the water chart is up to date. The topo map set is up to date and as are the maps, according to the comment. What's missing is the descriptions of trail crossings, how to get to the starting point of the section, where *exactly* the water sources are as many of them may not be on the trail itself, but close by.

Lots of useful stuff there. I guess I'll have to order the Topo map CD and look for myself to see if it has enough information to get by on. My main issue is that not all of these trail crossing and such are guaranteed to be marked anymore. Or if they are marked, the sign may not be legible anymore. Another really useful part of the detailed trail guide is the mentioning of possible camping spots along the way.

Saying all of that I still feel somewhat like a pansy. I mean really, should I need all that extra information? The CD does have detailed maps and gps waypoints for trail crossings and water sources and all that. I have access to a GPS for this adventure via jmattax, so how much more do I really need?

Anyway, It's starting to warm up a fair bit down here now, and aside from the ridiculous wind it's looking like it may be time for some day hiking in the Magdalenas to warm up for our adventure. The only issue is: I don't want to leave my wife stranded on a regular basis and if she comes, what do we do with the kids?

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