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Last week of prep for the G.E.T. - Brian Truitt
Last week of prep for the G.E.T.
Well, we've come down to dead week now. In about 7 and a half days, I will embark on my adventure. After reviewing the route some more last night, jmattax and I decided we really had plenty of time to take the alternate starting route to our adventure. Instead of driving all the way to the top of Burma Rd (and FR 76) we'll get off of the Burma Rd. a fair bit earlier and take TR 50 up north past San Mateo Peak and re-join the main G.E.T. trail just after coming out of the initial canyon we would have been on. (I.E. just after our original day 1 camp site).

On the first day we will (at least attempt to) hike up to the top of San Mateo Peak and stay at a supposed cabin up there. On day 2 we will re-join the main G.E.T. and hike on (hopefully) to Cub Spring. This will make the first 2 days pretty long, however, after that we'll stop at all of previously marked spots (or near too them).

That means we can be lazy on Day 3 because the next camp is a lot closer than it would have been originally. Or we can keep going and be lazy on a later day.

This is going to kick some major ass. I'm all over it. Hopefully the cabin is actually intact, unlocked, and usable for that first night. That'd be pretty sweet.

And for the love of Lassy, I need to remember to make sure I actually have 7 or more Atenol pills left before I leave!
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